Thursday, November 12, 2009


The wind and rain got going about 3am Wednesday morning for us. We went out and harvested at 7:30am wed and it was bad but not too bad, went out again at 9:30 and we were taking waves over the bow...NOT COOL. It picked up steady from there, by 11am there was no chance of getting on the farm. The water has continued to rise over the last 24hrs and continues to do so as the wind has picked up and held everything in place. The picture below is from this morning as well as the videos.
I'll take more as we go so you can see how it goes over here.

The boathouse at 7am Thursday morning, high tide was coming at 7:30.

The three pictures above show LOW TIDE on Thursday 2pm.

The next three pictures show high tide at 8pm, remember the boathouse above at lowtide now it is up in the windows. Tomorrow morning should be interesting.

Wind switched to North, so this is high tide Friday morning, I think we are in the clear.

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