Thursday, December 3, 2009


Check this out! This is real live MISTLETOE, it fell out of the tree over the boathouse last night in a storm. Eventhough it was 65 degrees out today it was a reminder that Christmas Season is here.

More mistletoe (the leafy clumps) in the tree it fell out of

Christmas time is a great time for oysters. If you are growing them be sure to eat some, better yet give some as a present, better still have some friends over and serve them up for them. They'll be looking to come to your house every long as you have the oysters.
If you need some we can hook you up.

Another great gift is to set someone up with a little oyster garden of their own. Any of these small oyster gardening set-ups are available for Christmas morning. Above, you see the taylor float and flip float, below are bags, cages, trays, flip bag, aussie bag, and the others from above.

Want their garden to be complete but don't want the smell of oyster seed dieing under the christmas tree, we can give you a gift certificate so when they are ready to put the garden in they can call us up and bring their certificate over for their seed.

And finally you can always give a hat or a t-shirt, check them out on the our web site.

If you really want to wow them just go for the whole enchilada give them some
oysters to eat
a garden set up so they can grow their own
a hat
some t-shirts
a pair of gloves and a shucking knife so they can feel official.
Heck, we'll even throw in some fresh mistletoe!

Have a
and a

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