Monday, February 23, 2009

Spawning Oyster Garden

When I first got started into this stuff back in 2001, I was like a lot of other folks, I had a bag and a dock. Well, I new we needed to expand so I got up with my buddy "Winky" (more to come on him) and he let me use his tidal pond. We were big time then, 8 floating bags!!! It was pretty cool because they were clipped on to a longline that had a pulley; so we could stand on shore and just bring the bags to us.
Anyhow, one afternoon in late June or early July I went to check on the oysters and all of this white stuff was billowing out...I had NO IDEA what was going on. But I did have my camera and here you have it...growing stuff at a dock can go on to reproduce!!!

Oyster gardeners keep doing your thing, every bit helps!!!

Grow-out bags, bag floats and oyster seed available from contact Steph at

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