Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Getting ready to go out and harvest...
Buoy was reading 42knots steady during the night... we didn't go out in that. I think when we went out it was just in the twenties, not great but we managed, couldn't do it without the longline.
I don't mind working in the rain and snow, just HATE the wind.
It was FREEZING!!!

This marker should be a whole lot easier to see on the way to the farm.

This is how we do it in Wake!
No big plow with a salt spreader,
just our neighbor Stosh and his tractor. He scraped the snow off the county road; I think he was bored and this gave him something fun to do.
Yes, that is our post office and that is down town Wake.

That sea grass is frozen solid, the cages froze as soon as they hit the boat. Luckily, we can get the oysters in fast enough to not freeze them.
You know its a cold day when you are excited to get into the cooler because its WARM in there. But 42 degrees with now wind is balmy compared to the wind chill on the water.

The Dock and the Ellie K

If you see this in your yard DO NOT bend wire.
You can bend wire almost all of the time, but once you drop below freezing and colder you can snap the vinyl coating on the wire as you bend it.
If its real cold you can even snap the welds.
Just bend inside or take the day off.

If you thought that was cold how about these from two weeks ago.

Eastern Shore Crew and their "oysters on ice" farm.
The gear even works frozen.
However, everyone that works in shallow water (2'-5') makes certain they know how low the tides get in the winter...don't want any exposed gear and frozen product.

This is how we roll in the winter because it is normally windy and cold but oysters still need to be harvested...

Essential Clothing List...
Sun glasses (polarized)
Fleece hat
Neck fleece
Rain coat...if its raining or blowing
Bib rain pants (oil skins) (Grudens)...always a must year round
Powder shell...this serves two purposes, keeps the wind off of you and keeps the mud off of you
Gruden sleeves...wear over the powder jacket, they keep your arms from getting ripped up on wire and shells
2 t-shirts
Turtle neck
Wool sweater
Fleece vest
Wool socks
Neoprene lined boats
(Muck Boots)
Water proof gloves with removable liner

I think that about covers it.

Staying warm while your working and it is nasty out makes this work fun...
being cold is miserable!!!

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