Wednesday, October 28, 2009



I've done a bunch of different versions of oysterS rockefeller but this one was simple and tasty.
Warning... I am not an expert cook, I do it all by taste and feel, so the ingredients listed below have no amounts, I just go with what seems right...good luck!

Just add in a bowl the following ingredients to taste...
frozen spinach (thawed and drained)
heavy cream
parmesan cheese

bread crumbs (Italian or plain whatever you have)
J.O. crab seasoning (Old Bay with salt is fine too)

Mixture should be thick enough to spoon onto oysters so it can be spread around, not runny and not to thick, this is what mine looked like.

If you mix it up and let it sit in fridge for 6-12 hours it is supposed to taste even better...I had fresh oysters I wanted to eat right then...impatient.

As for the oysters, just throw a plate full in the microwave until one or two begin to pop. The time depends on the amount of oysters. 1-2 minutes to start, you don't want to over cook them just make it easier to shuck. Get your favorite shucking knife or butter knife and open the oysters up. Remove the top shell, the flatter one, and sweep(cut) the muscle on the bottom shell as well; this makes it easier to eat.

When you are ready to put the topping on the oysters set your oven to 400 degrees F, place the oysters in whatever you have, pie plate, big cake pan and put the topping on with a spoon, cover the oyster all the way and it keeps the juices in nicely. You can add rock salt to the pan so that the oysters will stay upright.

It takes about 4-6 minutes to cook, just get them so they are a little golden brown. If you want more brown and still moist oysters hit them with the broiler for a minute.

I was microwaving a plate full while a set was in the oven so I had a steady stream of oysters rock going. If you are doing this for a party, come up with some system because people will be all over these babies. Many non oyster eaters turn because of these so you can run through a couple hundred fast.



- Lemon zest, orange zest, ginger, white wine vinegar, chili pepper OR (Tabasco), sugar, corn syrup
- Serve cold with cold half shell oysters
Here it is without the sauce on the oysters, plus it is a dipping sauce, but it looks cool on them.


- Butter, lemon juice, garlic salt, green onions, parmesan cheese
- Serve hot with steamed oysters
- Add more parmesean and maybe a little cream, then pour sauce and oysters together over angel hair pasta…NICE!

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  1. The Best OYSTERS!!! Sent as a GIFT and the party that received them said they were the best OYSTERS they had in a long time! NOT one was bad in the bunch for being shipped to Tennessee THANK YOU!