Monday, January 4, 2010


OK, so the north west wind has been on us and it has been cold! We spent a chunk of the morning clearing ice out of the way so we can have access to the farm. Check out the video below. I think we will be throwing an ice eater pump over to give us a little breathing room at the dock.
Plus, its just day one, this weather is going to hold this way for a week or more. We'll post some pictures after Friday.

Someone lost a crab pot.

She fired up pretty quick actually.

Had a little snow over night but the ice breaking from earlier in the week has kept our spot open. You can still see the ice in the creek with snow on it.

Birds were enjoying their new piece of temporary shore out by the channel marker of the creek.

An, hour later the weather started again. We went from blue skies and no wind, to snow and 25mph out of the west, snow was falling sideways. Irv was totally coated in snow after we came in from the bad I left my phone at the dock, so no picture.

MONDAY 1/11/10
Frozen solid at the dock with two inch thick ice and the ice runs out past the farm into the main river. Took us a while to break through.

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