Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Emptying cages into the hopper

Buckets from the tank upweller, waiting to be sorted

Emptying tanks of seed
Sorting, sorting , and more sorting....keeps the fast growers moving ahead, allows for better water flow through the seed when the are the same size, shapes up them up, and cleans them up
Cages going to water for splitting oysters
New shipment of bags arrived and we are already out of all 13mm and 23mm sizes...we have open 9mm, sealed 9mm and 4mmsealed as well.  The best way to get what you want is to pre-order and if you know you are going to use alot of bags order in volume so we can get you even better pricing than we currently offer.  We won't be seeing any new bags coming in for a few months because the factory goes on vacation for the month of July.
We always have your oyster gardening needs in stock; floats, bags, float bags, taylor floats, flip floats, and ofcourse oyster seed.  What a great way to have a yummy source of food at the end of your dock that also benefits the Bay!
Wire wire everywhere...just let us know what kind you need... we only carry RIVERDALE MILLS wire because it is the best hands down.  Wire should be seen as an investment so it should last longer than 1-2 years...our cages have been in the water for over 10 years and are still producing product.

Managing the tank upwellers
Offloading oysters to be sorted
Seed in the buckets...its still amazing that those little guys will be 3'+ oysters in less than a year
Cleaning the tanks is essential to healthy seed growth

Monday, January 31, 2011


As you can tell from the picture things were hopping this past weekend.  Nod to the sweet black long sleeve gear...way to go Irv and Steph, good call, those are all available on line, even though the pictures aren't up yet just ask for them.

Some of our oysters ready to be slurped back.

Boys were furiously shucking trying to get nice and ahead of the crowd, major hats off to the MD watermen shuckers!!!
Before the crowd arrived.
Johnny Shockley took home the award for best promotion of a product...way to go guys!!!

Some of the equipment we haulled up to OC
Yes, this is a different upweller, it is a prototype of a miny paddlewheel upweller, it is fully functional, but it illustrates the point that we can do all kinds of upwelling systems for folks.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Oyster Farm Starter Kits
Everything you need in order to raise 50,000 oysters!!!!
Listed below are two options for the oyster farm starter kits. The only difference between the two options is that one uses bags for all seed stages until the oysters are large enough to go directly into the 1”x1” cages and the other uses ½” x ½” mesh cages for the seed once it gets large enough.
Option A
Quantity                               Item
25 -               3x4  1”x1” cages w/ bridle and tag lines  
30 -               4mm grow out bags                                      
100-              9mm grow out bags                                                       
260 -             S-hooks                                               
1 -                 200’ Longline                                       
2 -                 4’ Hex anchors                                     
50,000-         ¼” seed***                                    
Price $4800*

Option B
Quantity                               Item
18 -               3x4 1”x1” cages w/ bridle and tag lines      
7 -                 3x4 ½”x ½” cages w/ bridle and tag lines     
40 -              4mm grow out bags                                       
60 -              S-hooks                                                         
1 -               200’ Longline                                                       
2 -               4’ Hex anchors                                                    
50,000        ¼” seed***                          
Price $4800*

*Sale requires $3000 down payment at Ocean City Show, $1000 due upon delivery** of equipment, and $800 due upon delivery of seed.
**Delivery fee will apply; we just charge for the cost of delivery, no crazy shipping and handling fees. Delivery estimates available.
***Seed is typically available between June and August

If you are at the show and want to get some of our oysters be sure you purchase some seafood gala event tickets...remember the oysters always go fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011