Friday, January 20, 2012


So this is just a quick run through of what we had in OC so if you missed it here is your recap...

We brought the oyster counter with us...Irv flat out said we weren't selling it after we started our demonstrations with it because he wants to use it,... no worries we have more.

We now have a sweet tank up-weller in our line of helpful things to run an oyster farm successfully.  You can buy this as you see it, as a kit or just the tank.

Close up of the oyster counter.  We will soon have this in line with a small hopper conveyor and washing tube feeding this puppy.  So washing, counting, and bagging/boxing can all be done in one step.

Seed tube visible in foreground....1/4"-1/2" hole sizes...makes upweller sorting a breeze!

We were able to spread out a bit more this year, so cages and such on one side and equipment on the other.

These new wire bins are made of 8g galvanized 3x3, they come in a 3x3x3 or 3x4x3 size, can purchased built or in a kit.  They are sweet for holding random stuff especially if its heavy.  We store our wood in these bins for use in the winter and move them around with the tractor.

More stuff...oh yeah!  I did find BIODEGRADABLE shell netting(not pictured) in case anyone is interested, just give me a shout.  This stuff is light and temp sensitive so it should work on a shoreline.

QuickTube Sorter...we now have several tube sizes available in Aluminum  and Stainless Steel, get your order in now so you can have it for the new season.

3x3 or 4.5x4.5 we have bag cages to suit your every need.  How big or how small do you want to go?

The oyster farming standards...3x4 Lowpros 1"x1" and .5"x.5", also seen is a 4x4 made with 12.5g 1"x1" and 10.5g legs...this cage will last a while...oh yeah its a triple stack, you need a big crane.

Flip floats and taylor floats.

Bags and float bags.  We got a container in December and they were pretty much all gone by New Years...we have 9mm sealed left and we are placing a container order now.  If you need bags and you want the best price call us now.  Intermas finally raised their prices after years...literally years of holding prices, so our price went up by $0.25 per bag, not the end of the world but it did go up, best price is still volume pre-order.

Another shot of the tank upweller.  It can hold 700K 1/4" seed easy...not sure who holds 1/4" seed... you should be sorting that out and moving it along, so the capacity on this system (with the right pump--not included, but we can show you some options) is well past the 700K for number of oysters you can run thru it.

And of course what would the OC show be without our oysters on Friday night!!!