Monday, February 23, 2009

Cranes, Hoist, Davits...

Below are pictures of some other cranes and rigs guys use to pick up their gear around here...

Sweet use of an old mast and boom on a barge set-up.

Mast and boom on a classic Chesapeake Bay deadrise, already using it for dredging so it picks up cages just fine too and it can handle the load.
Northern tool pick-up truck hoist...yes it actually works>>>>>>>>>>

This is our hoist we bought long before we started building our own stuff, its on our carolina 23.8.
This set-up came from
Thern . Sweet crane and has never failed us but a little high on price, also the boom can be just a hair short on the new DLX skiffs, especially the extra wides.

Mast and boom set-up on eastern shore. Picks a cage up in a hurry

Chesapeake Bay Foundation's
oyster farming/restoration boat has a sweet hydraulic crane on board. This puppy is powered by its own Perkins diesel...that diesel powers a bunch of other things as well. Sweet rig!

FYI...notice how we gave credit to CBF and even have a link to their website, if you want to use our pictures or videos that is awesome, just give us a shout out so people know where you got it from. in the bottom corner of the picture/video is all you need on a web site/blog/print/or presentation and then we are totally happy to see you use our stuff.

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